Gallo-Roman Large Celtic Enamelled Boss PairVespasian - Gold Judea Capta AureusRoman Large Dancing Cupid StatuetteYoung Hercules StatuetteRoman Statuette of Jupiter with ThunderboltParthian Gilt Silver PhialeMarble Head of AphroditeEgyptian Large Polychrome Ptah-Sokar-Osiris FigureMedieval Veneto-Cretan Mother of God IconIron Age Celtic Enamelled TorcBronze Age Massive Brooch with PendantsGreek Hellenistic Gold Ring with Nude Hero GemstoneScandinavian Viking Sword with Elaborate HiltRoman Gold Ring with Nicolo GemstoneWestern Asiatic Achaemenid Cut-Glass RhytonEgyptian Alabaster Shabti of a NobleRoman Statuette of a SatyrByzantine Gold Necklace with PendantRoman Parade Helmet with Wrist GuardsLarge Khmer Statue of a GoddessGreek Bronze One-Piece Helmet of Chalcidian TypeAnthropomorphic Copper IdolGold Jewelled Annular BroochGreek Floral DiademGandharan Large Meditating BuddhaHarold II - Oxford / Aelfwig - PAX Penny
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