Saint John the Evangelist from a Castle CollectionIslamic Silver Inlaid BowlAnglo-Saxon Two Emperors Type Pale Gold ShillingSogdian Silk Panel Depicting Royal Lion HuntDomitia Peacock DenariusMesopotamian Pictographic TabletRoman Statuette of DionysusSeated Isis and Horus FigureRoman Gold Liturgical Spoon with Silver DolphinMedieval Limoges Processional CrossLarge Greek Decorated HydriaMesopotamian Decorated Bulla Envelope Containing TokensEadberht Praen Canterbury Variant PennyLarge Roman Chariot Reign GuideLarge Seated Figure of OsirisEgypto-Phoenician Marmoreal Limestone HeadEgyptian Colossal Basalt Statue Hand of a King'The Kirkby Lonsdale' Brigantes Celtic Horse Harness UnionMonumental Late Roman Marble Military EagleGallo-Roman Statuette of the God HermesGothic Gilded and Jewelled BuckleEgyptian Stela Representing a False DoorLarge Roman Fresco Panel with BirdsRoman Victorious Eagle on Bull MountBronze Egyptian Cat HeadBritish Bronze Age 'Dunstable' Founder's HoardAttic Black-Figure Kylix Eye-CupRoman Terracotta Jug of a Drunken Woman

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