Large Egyptian Predynastic Storage JarEadberht Praen Canterbury Variant PennyAnglo-Saxon King Edmund Portrait PennyEgyptian Stela Representing a False DoorMedieval Marble Relief of an Angel and a DonorMonumental Late Roman Marble Military EagleMedieval Capital and Corbel Head from the Priory of Moutiers-Saint-JeanMedieval Silver-Gilt Liturgical ChaliceDomitia Peacock DenariusGothic Gilded and Jewelled BuckleLarge Chinese	Tang Prancing HorseMedieval Saint John the Evangelist from a Castle CollectionHadrosaur Dinosaur Egg NestEgyptian Hardstone Bes AmuletMesopotamian Decorated Bulla Envelope Containing TokensLarge Seated Figure of OsirisMedieval Gold 'In Good Faith' Decorated Posy RingLarge Roman Chariot Reign GuideLarge Chinese	Horned Mythical BeastScythian Scale Armour CoatRoman Gold Bracelet with 'Eye' CabochonGallo-Roman Statuette of the God HermesEgyptian Colossal Basalt Statue Clenched Hand of a KingUrartian Helmet with SerpentsBritish Bronze Age 'Dunstable' Founder's HoardByzantine Theodosian Type Corinthian CapitalAnglo-Saxon Two Emperors Type Pale Gold ShillingLarge Greek Decorated HydriaRoman Gold Liturgical Spoon with Silver DolphinByzantine Cosmatesque Mosaic PanelLarge Roman Fresco Panel with BirdsRoman Terracotta Jug of a Drunken WomanBronze Egyptian Cat HeadMedieval Limoges Processional CrossLate Roman Turquoise Blue Glass UnguentariumRoman Victorious Eagle on Bull MountMigration Period Sword with Jewelled HiltEgyptian Marmoreal Limestone HeadChinese Tang Mounted MusicianRoman Statuette of DionysusSouth Italic Greek Pilos HelmetSeated Isis and Horus FigureAttic Black-Figure Kylix Eye-Cup'The Kirkby Lonsdale' Brigantes Celtic Horse Harness UnionChinese Neolithic Epigraphic JarMesopotamian Pictographic Tablet

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