Hellenistic Lion Head Phalera £40,000 -£60,000Krater with Myth of Kephalos Attributed to the Boreas Painter £10,000-£14,000Corinthian Helmet of a Hoplite Warrior £60,000-£80,000Roman Heavily Decorated Pugio Dagger £3,000-£4,000Migration Period Sword £20,000-£30,000Tinned Chalcidian Helmet £20,000-£30,000Large Egyptian Striding Re-Horakhty £40,000-£60,000Etruscan Reclining Banqueteer £4,000-£6,000Roman Funerary Stele of Maximos and Zosimos £2,000-£17,000Mesoamerican Jadeite Jaguar £15,000-£20,000Roman Mater Castrorum Type Cavalry Sports Helmet £30,000-£40,000Hellenistic Silver Rhyton with Deer Protome £100,000-£140,000Skyphos with Erotic Scenes £5,000-£7,000Roman Inked Wooden Tablet £3,000-£4,000Roman Legionary Helmet £30,000-£40,000Large Viking Period Sogdian Silver Vessel with Animal Figures £70,000-£90,000Aztec Jadeite Seated Figure £12,000-£17,000Rare and Important Chinese Royal Jin Bodhisattva Maitreya £30,000-£40,000Roman Candelabrum with Theatre Masks £6,000-£8,000Greek Bust of Cleopatra £18,000-£24,000King Edward IV Rose Noble £4,000-£6,000Greek Corinthian Helmet £50,000-£70,000Hellenistic Glass Skyphos £20,000-£30,000Large Egyptian Canopic Jar of Baboon-Headed Hapy £15,000-£20,000Axehead with Dragons £20,000-£30,000Ceremonial Idol with Bulls £8,000-£10,000Large Roman Door Handle Pair with Lion Heads £8,000-£10,000Large South Arabian Standing Figure £30,000-£40,000Olmec Crystal Tiger Mask £10,000-£14,000Hellenistic Diadem with Heads £10,000-£14,000Hellenistic Cup with Nike £18,000-£24,000'The Hedingham Castle Estate' Elizabethan Gold Ring with Edward de Vere as Emperor £15,000-£20,000

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